Post Fixture

Post Fixture

Our services does not end at the fixture…

Once a fixture is concluded by our brokers, post fixture experts take over and oversee the voyage or a time charter from the beginning to the end of the contract for smooth operation.  We are the communication center between the Owners and the Charterers. We offer support to our customers at every stage of the chartering process, 24/7 365 days of the year.

Our Post Fixture Division experts take care following aspects to guarantee smooth and safe execution of the contract:

  • The Post Fixture experts and brokers review the clean fixture recap and C/P terms and prepare voyage instructions to ensure Master has all of the necessary information about intented voyage and make the vessel ready according to the contract.
  • As per C/P, all notices pass throught the post fixing with all concerned parties including charterer, brokers, owners, agents, Pandi Cargo Surveyors, Insurance brokers, bunker supplier etc.
  • Speed and performance monitoring against C/P terms
  • Load and Discharge port appointments, negotiating agency contracts and proforma disbrustment account& rebates, nomination of Pandi Cargo Surveyors and bunker surveyors if necessary.
  • Daily updates on loading and discharging operations. 
  • Invoicing and freight payment communications are arranged via post fixing department together with laytime calculations and demurrage/despatch settlements.
  • A full claims/dispute handling and consultation service
  • On-going performance reports to ensure your vessel is operating at its most efficient.
  • Management of Bunkers, Analysis and review of worldwide bunker rates including purchasing.
  • Financial control to ensure all costs are correct and paid on time. 
  • Coordination and arrangement of on/off hire condition surveys.
  • On-going performance reports& voyage performance report including comparisons with the chartering department estimates on completion of the voyage and when the voyage file is closed.

We are here to serve and protect your interest 24/7 365 days of the year…